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Health & Wellness

Designing for Better Treatment

At ArchiLOGIX, we believe that people have the fundamental right to quality Health and Wellness services. Through design and innovation, we can improve the delivery of these services. We believe in the power of a Community Health Center model that provides innovative, preventative care, because convenient access to Health and Wellness services is the lifeblood of our community healthcare system.

To design and implement Health and Wellness centers that support our client needs, we use an Evidence Based Design (EBD) approach. Incorporating new, innovative and sustainable methods to healthcare design. We’ve found that Health and Wellness centers provide valuable opportunities for seniors and others to engage in social activities and interaction that will provide educational and beneficial health outcomes.

Using the EBD approach, we can build community gathering spaces instead of simply providing a physical structure to see patients. It's a collaboration with the medical stakeholders, and the community they serve, to make Health and Wellness a truly inclusive community initiative.

Looking to Build a Better Healthcare Facility?

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